Significance of the study about typhoon sendong

Photojournalists are practically married to their cameras and they are never far away from reach. Moving Toward People 1. It is a never-ending process. He admitted that he found it hard to sleep at night, especially during the first few nights after the disaster. Primary productivity serves as a base upon which various consumer levels depend Odum In other words, the subjects responses for each individual question were added together to find the highest frequency of occurrence.

There is some truth to that, for we do try to switch off on the field to an extent. The world of freelancing is really what you can make out of it.

The frequency of each group was simply divided by the total N of the population.

Photo Essay: Typhoon Sendong, by John Javellana

In response to torrential rainfall of typhoon events, stream discharge peaked rapidly. Research Instrument The instrument used in this study employed structured questionnaire to gather the necessary data from the respondents.

In this way, the instrument is authorized to obtain valid response of the readers. Sulfate budget was balanced and the pH of typhoon rainfall was near Table 1.

Effects of Typhoon Sendong in Cagayan de Oro

Hardest hit were the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan where tremendous loss of life occurred. The LAI increased to about 2. Lastly, the need to restrict life practices to within narrow borders; to live as inconspicuous a life as possible. Typhoon-derived littefall is not only greater in amount but also usually richer in concentrations of certain nutrient, particularly mobile elements such as N, P, K, than litterfall derived from senescent plant parts.

Starting in tributaries and later reaching the main Cagayan de Oro, Iponan, and Mandulog rivers, flash flooding manifested at a dramatic pace.

Tropical Storm Washi

Responses were converted into percentage using formula to determine the percentage per group data. Disturbances originated from earthquake changed landscape features dramatically, forming ridges, lakes, faults and trenches. Of the 16 barangays of New Bataan, Bgy.

After passing Mindanao, Washi weakened due to land interaction, but the storm quickly regained its strength, in the Sulu Sea. I have never seen so much dead bodies in my life and had that much people break down into tears as I listened to their stories.

Light is generally considered as a limiting factor for the growth of seedling and sapling for the forest Kimmins He is now working with Presidential Adviser on Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Panfilo Lacson on a master plan for the rehabilitation of typhoon-struck areas in the country.

This caused potential soil acidification. Typhoon Sendong Typhoon Washi, locally known as “Sendong” hit the southern Philippines on December 16, triggering flash floods and landslides which resulted into 1, confirmed dead in the rampaging floodwaters brought by the tropical storm.

In fact, it is being hailed a "super typhoon," and "equivalent of a Category 5." The wind speeds of Typhoon Haiyan reached on landfall which was 5 miles per hour higher than the previous record set by Hurricane Camile in ; when gusting Haiyan reached wind speeds of mph.

Typhoon Sendong is known internationally as Typhoon Washi which started as a tropical depression on December 13, in the West Pacific Ocean about 2, km due east by the Southern Philippines. Iligan City was one of the places in the Philippines devastated by Typhoon Sendong(International name: Washi) last December 17, out of the 44 Barangay that compose IliganCity, 22 Barangay were severally affected.

Sendong" among deadliest cyclones to enter Philippines in 12 years I. Introduction Severe Tropical Storm Washi (international designation:JTWC designation: 27W, PAGASA name: Sendong) was a late-season tropical cyclone that caused catastrophic damage in the Philippines in late Washi, which means Aquila in Japanese, made landfall over Mindanao, a major island in the Philippines, on.

Thesis Statement: Typhoon Sendong destroyed many lives and brought destructions to Iligan City and Cagayan De Oro City. 1. Introduction 1. Typhoon is a Natural Phenomena 2. Importance of the Study 3. Natural Disaster 2. Factors That Caused The Flooding 1.

Illegal Logging 2. Mining 3.

Archival Research Paper – Philippine Typhoons Paper

Climate Change 4. Negligence of The Society 3. The Effects of the Typhoon 1.

Significance of the study about typhoon sendong
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