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He created an independent territory for himself. The Diwan-i-Rasalat looked after the foreign affairs. Other weapons used during the period included rockets, cauldrons of boiling oil, muskets and manjaniqs stone-throwing catapults. To him, his own religion was the only true religion.

Ariz-i-mumalik was the chief of the military department. Shah Shuja, who had declared himself emperor in Bengal began to annex more territory and this prompted Aurangzeb to march from Punjab with a new and large army that fought during the Battle of Khajwawhere Shah Shuja and his chain-mail armoured war write about the deccan policy of aurangzeb were routed by the forces loyal to Aurangzeb.

Thus he was regarded by many Muslims as a zinda pir or a unity saint. The Muslims were divided on the basis of differences of different sects within Islam, viz. While Shah Shuja was defeated at Banares in Februarythe army sent to deal with Murad discovered to their surprise that he and Aurangzeb had combined their forces, [45] the two brothers having agreed to partition the empire once they had gained control of it.

By its revival, Aurangzeb lost the loyalty of the Hindus. As a result the Mughal army could enter into the Fort and defeated its ruler. Aurangzeb was not the man to tolerate such activities of the Guru.

Aurangzeb: Life, Policy and his Rules

As he was a hardworking ruler, he devoted himself whole heartedly to the affairs of the state. Marathi language also played a vital role in strengthening the bonds of equality and unity among the people of Maharashtra.

Rise of the Sikh Power: But Aurangzeb abandoned the wisdom of Akbar and instead of it he followed a rigid Islamic policy which annoyed the Hindus who constituted the main bulk of the society.

Maratha soldiers were welcomed in those states. By doing so he proved himself as a man of merciless character. Mir Bakshi was in charge of the military affairs. He restricted people to be in possession of arms, horse elephant and palaquin.

Rise of Maratha Power—Shivaji: His duty was to maintain the records regarding the names, ranks and salaries of the mansabdars. He discontinued the popular system, the Jharoka Darshana which shattered the faith of the Hindus on the emperor. Shah Shuja then fled to Arakan in present-day Burmawhere he was executed by the local rulers.

His son, Sahu, was also captured and made a prisoner. However, according to Jamal Malik, the contemporary historian Khafi Khan diedwhose family had served Aurangzeb, noted that Jizya could not be levied and remained largely a tax on paper only.

The Mughals could not make any advancements upon Bijapur Fort, [90] mainly because of the superior usage of cannon batteries on both sides. With these missions, Aurangzeb began his Deccan Complain. The Chief Sadar acted as the Chief Justice and rendered advice to the king on religious matters and distributed charities.

He and his servicemen fortified themselves at Golconda and fiercely protected the Kollur Minewhich was then probably the world's most productive diamond mine, and an important economic asset.

However, the Dahsala system was not introduced in the entire empire. Abandoning the policy of confrontation, Akbar then reverted to diplomacy.

The Religious Policy of Aurangzeb and its Effects

The very next year inAurangzeb invaded Golkunda. He banned the construction of new temples, but permitted the repair and maintenance of existing temples. Life Aurangzeb, who won the war of succession, ascended the throne in The Muslims, although had broken the power of resistance of the Hindus in Northern India, but they could never achieve that success in the South and it enabled the Hindus to safeguard their self-respect, temples, and social traditions.

The caste system was very rigid and there were strict restrictions on inter caste living. Rather the real war started after it. Consequently, the Mughals failed to isolate the Marathas or the Deccan states as they had effectively isolated Mewar.

He found that the States of Bijapur and Golcunda were a source of help to the Marathas who were employed in those states in large numbers. Like Hannibal in ancient Italy, Aurangzeb marched through the Deccan from place to place, year after year.

The most important industry was the manufacture of cotton. The Sultan collected chiefly five taxes. Life, Policy and his Rules Article shared by: Aurangzeb claimed that Dara was no longer a Muslim[ citation needed ] and accused him of poisoning the Mughal Grand Vizier Saadullah Khan.

So in short Aurangzeb’s Deccan policy was a miserable failure. His drive against the Marathas involved him in heavy expenses and brought him no success. The Mughal Empire under Aurangzeb was huge and it was not possible for one person to control everything.

Deccan papers throw light on Aurangzeb rule

Fanatic Religious Policy of Aurangzeb: The general view of historians is that Aurangzeb entirely reversed the policy of religious toleration followed by Akbar and it resulted in serious revolts among the Hindus.

The Religious Policy of Aurangzeb and its Effects. Article shared by: His Deccan campaigns against the Shia Sultans were also.

Aurangzeb employed the scorched earth policy, sending soldiers who massacred, looted and burnt many villages. Aurangzeb also proceeded to use bribery to turn the Pashtun tribes against each other, with the aim that they would distract a unified Pashtun challenge to Mughal authority, and the impact of this was to leave a lasting legacy of.

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The Deccan Policy of Aurangzeb: Right from the time of Akbar, the Mughal emperors were following the Deccan policy traditionally. Aurangzeb followed this policy as a matter of legacy. Aurangzeb: Life, Policy and his Rules. Article shared by: Life.

Aurangzeb, who won the war of succession, ascended the throne in He killed all his three brothers one by one and imprisoned his father Shahjahan at Agra. Thus began the Deccan campaign of Aurangzeb.

Aurangzeb: Life, Policy and his Rules

The Deccan Policy of .

Write about the deccan policy of aurangzeb
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